On September 27, the Olympic Sports Complex will host the grandiose MTV 20 Years Live Show. The MTV Russia TV channel turns 20 years old. And this is not just a round date of the TV channel, but a whole epoch in the life of the country and the development of Russian show business. Legendary VJs and iconic artists will meet on the same stage.

The hosts will be stars of different generations of MTV: Tutta Larsen and Alexander Anatolyevich, Yana Churikova, Lika Dlugach, and others.

The show boasts a truly impressive line-up. It includes the brightest stars of the 2000s and 10s, as well as artists who have recently become famous. The audience will be surprised by the unexpected joint performances of Russian and Western stars. Spleen, Noize MC, Therr Maitz, Yolka, DeTsl feat. Animal Jaz, Malbek and Suzanne Feduk, SunSay, Linda, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsu, Sergey Bobunets (ex-leader of the group “Semantic Hallucinations”), and other cult performers. In addition, special numbers are created – tributes, one of which is dedicated to the voice of the “MTV generation” – Micah.

“MTV is, sorry, the only media that has grown the generation of its name,“ the MTV generation ”. We are celebrating 20 years and are gathering in “Olympic” not only the artists whose songs you grew up on, but also the coolest performers from the modern charts. Come! We are waiting for those who will come to feel nostalgic “give us back our 2000s” and those who follow the current music. There will be big names, a dialogue between generations. All the best from the past and present! ” – said Yana Churikova, head of MTV Russia.

Another surprise will be the one-evening group “Guests from the Future”. Ten years ago, the collective announced about the breakup, and Eva Polna began a solo career, which continues to this day.

Especially for the MTV 20 Years live show, Eva Polna and Yuri Usachev are preparing a joint musical set, in which the main and favorite songs of the “Guests from the Future” group will sound. At the same time, the musicians themselves emphasize that this is not a reunion of the group, but an exclusive performance in honor of the TV channel’s birthday.

“MTV 20 Years” is not only a live concert, but also a large-scale spectacular live show, the concept of which was developed by the MTV Russia channel in cooperation with the MAG Show company. Radio ENERGY will act as the information partner of the MTV 20 Years Concert.

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