Say “Our Alla”, and anyone from five to one hundred and five years old will understand who they are talking about. This is a concert dedicated to Alla Pugacheva.

Whether we like it or not, she is always with us, in us, about us. Alla Pugacheva is a Country. With its changes and excesses, extremes and revelations, ups and downs. And we have one country. And our Alla is one for everyone and everyone has their own.

Dedication concert. Known and unknown songs from Pugacheva’s repertoire of the 70s-80s. New interpretations, unexpected arrangements. We will sing these songs as we hear, feel and understand them today. There are hundreds of songs in the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva. We will choose our favorites.

The stars of the Gogol Center take part in the performance-concert. Special guest – Manizha.

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